Back In Control (PUISSANCE)




Following the awe-inspiring debut “Let Us Lead”, PUISSANCE would return a couple of years later to unleash “Back In Control”, a cynical tribute to human evolution and how such evolution inevitably seems to dictate the end of the World and mankind’s own extinction. The impending man-made apocalypse which Söderlund obsessively narrates is superbly illustrated by epic martial compositions, to which the pace is set by loud marching drums and Industrial percussion. A compelling work of art, that would bring Industrial music to a new climax thanks to the glorious Neo-Classical arrangements that PUISSANCE have developed for the album.

Originally issued via Cold Meat Industry in 1998 in a limited edition of 2000 copies, this rare classic was made available again through Equilibrium Music in 2007, re-mastered and enhanced with one bonus track, and presented in a deluxe digipak edition with embossed cover.

2007, Equilibrium Music (EQM011)

Glossy embossed Digipak.
Includes one previously unreleased bonus track.


01. Actinium (5:18) | 02. Evolution (5:14) | 03. Love Incinerate (5:16) | 04. Bloodwed (4:58) | 05. Command And Conquer (5:26) | 06. Artificial Sun (5:03) | 07. Stagnate And Perish (Reconstructed Version) (4:31) | 08. Totalitarian Hearts (4:43)
Bonus track: 09. Evolution (Early Version) (3:30)

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