LEIDUNGR – Nordiska Hymner

12" LP + CD Set, Black Vinyl



It is time for LEIDUNGR's new album “Nordiska Hymner” (Swedish for Nordic Hymns).

The lyrical concept of “Nordiska Hymner” is a philosophical presentation of ancient myths and spirituality of northern Europe.

Step into the realms of LEIDUNGR once again in a mindset of meditation and embrace the heritage granted to those who possess the necessary traits by ancient forces and currents, made into something sinister through the passage of time.

2017, Trutzburg Thule (TRUTZLP012)

12″ LP on black 180gr. vinyl.
Limited and handnumbered edition of 200 copies.
includes also the CD in a plain black sleeve and an exclusive poster.


01. Olympia (5:49) | 02. Vårdkas (3:20) | 03. Krigsbud (4:09) | 04. Nordisk Hymn (5:08) | 05. Andliga Ideal (5:24) | 06. Bruten Tro (3:40) | 07. TIll Äran (4:58) | 08. Naudr (5:22)

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