Imposing Elitism

A new dawn rises as the broken ground trembles under the resounding echoes of an army… “Imposing Elitism” marks a turning point – what was once cold hard stone has now turned into raw steel! The awe-inspiring figure that is ARDITI has never been stronger or more relentless, and continues to cast an ever-harsher tone to their Martial Neo-Classical Industrial on their sixth full-length release. By reaching further into Man’s collecting past to harvest memories of a golden age of heroes, ARDITI tap into the source of ancient blood that will fuel the impending march to the new Era.

Originally available as a small-run cassette, of which the 222 copies pressed quickly sold out, “Imposing Elitism” is also available on CD (presented in Digipak format) and LP (available both on black or golden 180 gr. vinyl, with matching covers, each limited to 250 hand-numbered copies and including download code).


01. Imposing Elitism (5:18) | 02. Heroic Age (5:57) | 03. Templets Heliga Härd (4:38) | 04. Order of the Black Sun (4:20) | 01. The Earth Shall Tremble Under the Tramp of Our Feet (5:20) | 02. Sturm Auf Die Zukunft (3:05) | 03. Dawn of a New Mythos (5:34) | 04. Förfäders Dygder (4:48) | 05. Ashes Scattered in a River (2:12)


If you’ve purchased a copy of the album on vinyl, you may use the Downloads page to enter your code and download the digital version of the album.