Spearheaded by H. Möller and M. Björkman,
the ARDITI torch was set alight in 1997,
inspired by the Italian Futurist Movement of the early 20th century.

Latest news

New album and updates to the shop

the new ARDITI and PUISSANCE pins

ARDITI have now completed work on their next album, which is currently being mastered. No release date is set yet, but updates will follow soon.

2017 also marks the 20th anniversary of ARDITI. Commemorative merchandise shall be available soon, but in the meantime the shop has been updated to include some brand new pins as well as various releases from ARDITI-related projects like PUISSANCE and LEIDUNGR.

“Imposing Elitism” out on DigipakCD and LP

Imposing Elitism Black LP - Back cover detail

Originally available as a small-run cassette, of which the 222 copies pressed quickly sold out, “Imposing Elitism” is now finally released via Equilibrium Music on CD (presented in Digipak format) and LP (available both on black or gold 180 gr. vinyl, with matching covers, each limited to 250 hand-numbered copies and including download code).

A new pin featuring the blitz shield motif used for the revised artwork has also been produced.

All items are now available from our shop, and will be shipping immediately.

A video preview of the album is now available on Equilibrium Music’s YouTube channel as well.

New ARDITI website

New ARDITI website

The official ARDITI website has been revised to coincide with the imminent release of “Imposing Elitism” on Digipak CD and LP (available on limited edition black or gold 12″ heavy vinyl editions) formats via Equilibrium Music.

The new website provides detailed information on ARDITI‘s body of work via the releases page and also an online shop that will facilitate obtaining all ARDITI-related merchandise worldwide.

For all the ARDITI releases on Equilibrium Music, digital downloads are now available from Equilibrium Music’s Bandcamp page and also on each release’s page, where they can also be streamed.

Be sure to spread the word to both friends and foe.

Latest news